Assessment: One Size Does Not Fit All

Posted by Glenn Whitman
for-a-fair-selection-everybody-has-to-take-the-same-exam-please-climb-that-tree (2) copy
I truly appreciate when like-minded educators who think differently and deeply about teaching and learning share research and new ideas with me that are percolating in the educational jet stream. But sometimes, it only takes a picture, or in this case, a comic to remind us of teaching that inspires student learning and teaching that stifles student learning. There a few hot button issues looming as large in educational discussions than assessments. It was why I collaborated with Dr. Mariale Hardiman who leads the Neuroeducation Initiative at Johns Hopkins University to write, “Assessment and the Learning Brain: What the Research Says.” I am only sorry that we had not discovered this comic to include in our piece. I hope you will enjoy it. Special thanks to Lawrence Smith of The St. Paul’s School for sharing this comic.

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